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Tim Yablonski is a Veteran of the United States Army and has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Alcoholic Cirrhosis of the liver, a disease which most patients live with for several years without experiencing any symptoms and are mostly unaware of their liver condition.  This is a potentially fatal condition and Tim is in need of a live donor.  Follow this site, our Facebook page and our Go Fund Me Account as we update Tim’s journey and how a live donor can be tested and participate. 


The operations yesterday went well.  Tim and Alyssa are both doing well.

To keep things simple, we are making all updates on our FaceBook page.

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Bridget, Tim and Pam just got back from UMPC Pittsburgh.  If all goes well in front of the board, Tim will have an operation March 16th, Alyssa is the donor.

Tim will be in the hospital for a week and then needs to stay in Pittsburgh for 6 weeks. Alyssa will need to stay in Pittsburgh for 2 weeks.

We are still trying to work out VA and other aide for lodging but this may be a family expense.  If anyone would like to donate, visit our Go Fund Me Page

Bridget’s journal  of their trip to UMPC  will follow.


Save TimThe family of Tim Yablonski wants to acknowledge some of the many people and companies that helped make the Pancake Breakfast and Spaghetti Dinner so successful.  We raised a good chunk to add to the support for Tim and his donor, and appreciate everything everyone did to make it so successful.  The Fundraisers would not have been possible without the following list. We would like to thank those who helped make it a success.  They donated everything from raffle prizes, food, supplies and their time.

Tim’s Family would like to Thank:
Muddy Paws Grooming  / Hair We Are  /  Texas Roadhouse  /  Northeast Dairy Foods Association  /  Fort Ontario  /  Dunkin Donuts  /  Tom Santurri  /  Nature Tyme  /  Brown Carbonics  /  Demon Acres Haunted Hayride  /  Trail of Terror  /  Jackie Rhinhart  /  Cindy Wade  /  Michelle Levandowski  /  Key Bank  /  Byrne Dairy  /  Bruce and Patty Krupke  /  Lori Green  /  Stephanie Meeker  /  Mary Schwartz  /  Chuck and Joan Sheldon  /  Janelle Hutchinson  /  Sharon Moore  /  Some Like it Hot Catering  /  Somewhere Special  /  Patti, Tony, Laura and Brian Massa  /  Geoff Rispoli   /  John and Clare Cargian  /  Cindy Cox  /  Dawn McHenry  /  AnneMarie Waugh  /  A Cut Above  /  Mary Verelst  /  Carol Livesey  /  Lakeview Lanes  /  Angela Crofoot  /  Chris’s Car Care  /  Maryann Ferens  /  Vicky Tennant  /  Roseanne Ross


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You can help with medical and living expenses, and help fund the expenses of a donor. While every effort is made to limit the expenses a living donor may incur, there will still be costs that need to be covered.


Help get the word out! Share this information on Facebook. This is a great opportunity to spread the word of Tim's IMMEDIATE need. A living donor increases his chance of success 65% over that of a cadaver liver.

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